Clifton Santiago Body Piercing

My name is Clifton Santiago and I am the senior body piercer at Highland Tattoo in Hollywood, California. I have over 20 years of experience and I have undergone professional Bloodborne Pathogens training and I am also a certified Body Art Technician for the city of Los Angeles. My experience enables me to provide you with proper direction regarding the placement, jewelry choice and aftercare for your piercing. I guarantee absolute perfection on each and all body piercings. I take great pride in providing you with safe body jewelry free of nickel, carbon, cooper, lead, chromium, iron and mercury. All my initial body piercing jewelry is made of solid stainless steel or titanium which makes it safe to autoclave and prevents bacteria build up in the jewelry while promoting a clean environment for your piercing. My high grade jewelry will not trigger allergic reactions and will minimize the risk of irritation during healing.

I am conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame at Highland Tattoo; 6816 Hollywood Blvd. All procedures are done with sterilized equipment and disposable single used needles. Be assured that I will always maintain the most appropriate hygiene standards, my unwavering ethics and my unblemished reputation no matter the situation.

Please keep in mind that I am not a tattoo artist supplementing my income with a piercing or two; I am dedicated to my clients and my industry. I have performed more piercings than the average piercer which makes me more proficient in giving you the best least painful piercing possible. Although there are endless reasons why I am your only choice for a clean and safe body piercing and for high quality jewelry I invite you to research my portfolio, reach your own conclusion and understand for yourself.